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Energy Forecast - Waves of Light

March 1st, 2010

Blessings my friend!

I wasn't expecting to write another energy forecast so soon, however we are currently in the middle of a huge powerful influx of light energies that are pouring into every cell and fiber of Earth, meaning every cell and fiber of our being whether we are aware of it or not. What this wave of light does is it stirs up and brings everything that no longer serves us to the surface. All worries, doubts, fears, anxieties, feelings of lack and separation, etc., are all being pulled out from our deepest core and literally are being washed away with this massive tide of light! During such a down pouring of light, the first stage might feel very uncomfortable resulting in moodiness, misunderstandings, crying more than normal, headaches, anxiety, periodic ringing in the ear, anticipation, anger, and so forth. Many might feel they have regressed back to their old ways of being, however there's no need to worry as this is absolutely a normal part of the process, and will only last for a short period of time until we have fully integrated with the current surge of light.

Personally, I have been experiencing a very strong pressure feeling in the head for several days. It doesn't feel like the usual headache, however it is very uncomfortable especially for someone who has not had a headache for 15 years! That's when I knew something major was going on, and from speaking with many of my family and friends, they too are having similar experiences. The best thing we can do during this time is to just breathe and be easy on ourselves. Let the energies do their thing without trying to analyze everything, knowing that the less resistance we create the much easier the process will be!

On a global scale, the Earth is shifting! We are all extensions of her, so if we are shifting so is she! What is currently happening might appear a bit difficult at times, yet just know that it is all perfect as it is. This current cycle is setting the foundations I mentioned in the previous forecast for our very new realities based on the heart-centered way of living and being. After the integration of this current wave of light, we will find ourselves feeling refreshed and brand new (some are already feeling this!) We will begin to feel more connected to everything and everyone around us. A huge energetic opening will also occur in the heart resulting in our feeling more loving, respectful, and understanding towards ourselves and others. Get ready for some miraculous times ahead both in your life and for the planet!

Here we go!!!

Miraculously yours,

©2010 Emmanuel Dagher, All Rights Reserved

You are absolutely welcome to share these forecasts with others as you feel guided!


Energy Forecast - Foundations

February 15th, 2010

Blessings my miraculous friend,

A powerful opportunity is being presented to each one of us at this time where we are being asked to pause and delve deeper within ourselves than we have ever gone before to fully connect with our truest selves. For many, this might feel a bit uncomfortable and foreign, because we've patterned ourselves to always be on the lookout for the next thing to fill our time and keep us busy. These patterns have been ingrained in us to such a degree, that many of us find ways to keep busy because we find it challenging to be still and do nothing. What many of us have not been told is that some of the most miraculous insights, revelations, and ideas that are waiting to be birthed through us come from those moments where we pause and do nothing. Some of the greatest inventions and artistic creations of all time came to fruition only when their creators took time to pause and be still. After we allow ourselves to get quiet enough to receive these divine insights, we can then take the inspired action necessary to anchor them into our daily experiences. So, I invite you to use this time to quiet the outside noise around you, put your boredom aside, and connect with your inner most authentic self.

In the previous energy forecast, I mentioned we are in a cycle of re-connections. After the reconnection cycle, a period of pause follows to give us time to reflect, nurture, love, and care for ourselves. We are being gifted this time as an opportunity to build our foundations. The most important foundation we can create for ourselves is to deeply nurture and love ourselves. This is our number one priority. As a society, we have been conditioned to always put ourselves last for the sake of pleasing others in order for them to like us. This usually results in an over exhausted psyche leading to resentments and disappointments, due to the fact that we end up always running on empty barely having anything left for ourselves. When we re-shift our focus to nurturing, loving, and giving to ourselves first, we feel satisfied. We no longer rely on others to satisfy or fill a void within us, because we're already filled, which frees us from expectations and disappointments. We begin to live in such overflow of love for ourselves, that by the simple act of showing up in the lives of those around, we inspire and empower them more than we could have ever imagined, even if we/they are not consciously aware of it at the time. This is a very powerful concept that will positively transform the interconnectedness of humanity forever, and I am excited to say that we have been moving in this direction at lightning speed.

By using this powerful time of stillness to build our rock solid foundations through self-love and self-care, we prepare ourselves for even bigger quantum shifts forward that are soon to follow.

Till next time,

Miraculously yours,


©2010 Emmanuel Dagher, All Rights Reserved

You are absolutely welcome to share these forecasts with others as you feel guided!


Energy Forecast -  Reconnections

January 26th, 2010

Peace & blessings,

In my previous energy forecast, I mentioned that on January 15th a powerful celestial event would occur with a full solar eclipse and new moon taking center stage. This event signified another powerful anchor point that would trigger a quantum shift in consciousness.

Before we move forward in full force, a powerful reconnection is taking place for everyone on an individual and global scale. What does this reconnection look like in our own personal lives? Some manifestations people might be experiencing right now are transitions in their jobs, feeling tired, anxious, emotional, lonely, and more hungry than usual. This is all perfect, as it is a part of the reconnection process aligning us to the new more heart-centered way of living and being.

Another wonderful manifestation occurring right now as a result of the reconnection process is our reunions with old friends and loved ones that we have not heard from, seen, or thought about in a very long time. These people we were once very close to are re-entering our thoughts, hearts, and lives, as if they never even left. This time around, we are experiencing these people in a completely different way. It’s as if all the good qualities we remember about them have completely erased any discord or misunderstandings that might have occurred in the past between us. If we were ever in doubt that forgiveness had not been achieved by us towards them, all those doubts will disappear when the reunion happens. Many of us will also connect with new people who we have never met before feeling a strong and instant bond with them as if we’ve always known each other. During these re-connections, we will operate from a more authentic place, making way for deeper connections and transformations to manifest.

On a global scale, we can see the reconnection in full bloom as the world comes together and opens its heart to help heal a close family member, the country of Haiti. With this out pouring of love and assistance Haiti is receiving right now, a powerful global unified energy field has formed and is creating the perfect environment for a major quantum leap in collective consciousness, bringing us even closer to the heart-centered global society that is currently being birthed.

For those who are still struggling or having a difficult time right now, try to find a way to move back into the heart space. Be willing to let the flow of the Universe guide and unburden you of all worries and fear based belief patterns. A few simple things we can do to help us move back to our heart space is to be out in nature, listen to beautiful music, meditate, forgive, laugh, and be creative. The sooner we allow ourselves to move back into the heart, the more quickly we reconnect ourselves with the Universal Flow, opening ourselves up to the miracles that are being sent to us on a daily basis.

Till next time!

Miraculously yours,


©2010 Emmanuel Dagher, All Rights Reserved

You are absolutely welcome to share these forecasts as you feel guided!


Energy Forecast - A Love Revival

January 8th, 2010

Blessings my incredible friend!

A powerful love revival is happening all around us on a personal and global scale at this time! Can you feel it? It's so exciting I can barely contain myself! These energies are brewing up something far greater than we can imagine, and we each have a front row seat to one of the greatest shows on earth!

On January 15th, a celestial event will occur with a full a solar eclipse complimented by a new moon. On an energetic level, this event will usher new beginnings allowing us to easily let go of all that no longer serves us, and to step into the highest visions we have for ourselves. If there is anything still keeping us in a holding pattern, it's important to take a moment to connect with our inner voice, and ask to receive clarity and guidance in how we can re-align ourselves with the Universal Flow. Many of us tend to get caught up in the day to day fast paced "I just don't have enough time" kind of life, and forget to slow down and get present enough to listen to our inner guidance system, which sends us constant insights and message of how to remain in alignment and experience a bliss-ed life.

Opportunities are presenting themselves left and right on a constant basis for us now, it's just a matter of being able to be clear and present enough to recognize them! The current energies are in full support of helping us manifesting our highest visions for ourselves, so let's use this miraculous time to focus on anchoring these visions into our life experience!
It's time!

Till next time!

Miraculously yours,

©2010 Emmanuel Dagher, All Rights Reserved

You are absolutely welcome to share these forecasts as you feel guided.


Transformational Times - First energy forecast

Peace & blessings everyone!

I am so excited to begin this incredible journey with all of you! For a while now, I have been intuitively guided to share some insights and updates of what is going on energetically both on the macro (global) and micro (individual) levels. Ever since I could remember, I've had a strong intuitive connection to all that Is and have been so humbled with the ability to receive guidance from an expanded Universal awareness outside of day to day personal life experience. Of course we all have this ability and gift, and a big reason I am writing these energy forecasts is to inspire you to also connect with your gifts and abilities. I look forward to posting energy forecasts that will serve to shed some understanding and light for you in these miraculous times!

And so the first Energy Forecast begins...

As 2010 begins, we are being asked more than ever to release and hand over all that no longer serves us in regards to our highest good. The same thing is happening on a global level. Energies such as resentments, grudges, lack, limitation, attachments, victim consciousness, guilt, fear, or any other vibrations not in alignment with the One/Unity Consciousness are literally being pulled out from the depths of our core and are being cleared out once and for all. Although it might not feel the most comfortable at times for those who still have a bit to clear, this process is absolutely necessary in anchoring the new heart-centered way of living and being. When these uncomfortable energies arise, it is beneficial to see the fact that they are coming up into our awareness is a blessing, because it just means they are coming up to be resolved which is a wonderful sign that incredible breakthroughs are soon to follow. The key is to not attach ourselves to the energies as they come up, and to just be easy on ourselves while allowing them to move on through.

In January, integrity, authenticity, and love will begin to emerge even more as the new ways of being on an individual and collective basis. If at times this seems challenging to see and feel, just know that we are in a time of transition, and what we are witnessing is the clearing of the out-dated limited programs that once had a good grasp on us as a society for thousands of years, so it's only expected that when this energy loses its grasp, it will try to hold on for dear life until the transformation is complete, which is currently manifesting. Witnessing this serves as a great reminder to check in with ourselves to see if we are being our true authentic selves in the world. Of course the Universe is always neutral and honors our decisions no matter what, however because the current cycle is in full bloom of One/Unity consciousness, aligning with this energy provides for a much more euphoric life experience.

The energy of January is also one of continuous personal/global transformation and movement. When we allow ourselves to align with the Universal Flow, things will seem to just fall into place for us! There are many ways to align ourselves with the flow of the Universe. Some wonderful ways are by being creative, playing, gratitude, focusing on the blessings in our lives, being of service, laughter, forgiveness, celebration, music, and body movement are just a few to name! When we take a step back and observe what is happening around us, it's very clear that we are all truly in a time of unprecedented transformation!

Till next time!

Miraculously yours,

Emmanuel Dagher

© 2009 Emmanuel Dagher, All Rights Reserved

You are absolutely welcome to share these forecasts as you feel guided.

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