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"The Bells of Freedom Ring" - May 2015

Dear friend,

What a profound honor it is for me to connect with you in this way again. On behalf of all humanity, thank you for choosing to be here at this time, to help elevate the consciousness of the planet by simply being you.

After recently moving through some of the most highly charged energy we’ve ever experienced, many of us are noticing the old patterns of survival come up to the surface in our lives and in the lives of those around us.

There’s just no sweeping these patterns aside anymore. It’s time to address every single one of them once and for all, so that eternal peace and freedom become the default of our reality, and the reality of all humanity.

This resurfacing of the old survival patterns is actually coming up to give us the opportunity to let go of them completely.

Have you noticed how uncomfortable it has become to be in survival energy? It can immediately be felt somewhere in our body, as a clear signal that it’s time to release it. Some of us may be feeling it in the pit of our stomachs, or in our shoulders, temples, neck, lower back, knees, or feet.

The discomfort itself is a clear indicator that we’ve expanded to such a degree that anything that is not in alignment with our Highest Self will not be able to be housed in our energy anymore.

Survival patterns include anything from insecurity, doubt, and fear to lack, worry, or any other energy vibrating on a similar wavelength. If you are finding yourself in patterns of survival for any reason, give yourself permission to move through them.

An important thing to note is to make sure to not project these patterns onto others, or they will return back to us intensified, almost instantaneously. A healthy outlet such as exercise, journaling, an act of service, or walk in nature are always excellent options that can provide a much more beneficial release.

The Freedom Revolution

In the recent weeks, with the support of the celestial heavens within and all around us, a massive inner freedom revolution has been making its way to the forefront of lives. This quiet yet powerful rise has been leaving many of us feeling different from who we were even just a few weeks ago. That’s how quickly things are changing right now!

This is showing up in several ways. Before I share what these are, I’d like to invite you to contemplate on the following questions.

Has your tolerance for anything not coming from a loving and kind space lessened?

Has your desire or need to please others, in order to receive their love and approval, diminished more in the past few months?

Are you finding it easier to speak up for yourself and say what you really desire to say, instead of what you think people want to hear from you? Meaning, basically, are you finding that you are censoring yourself less now?

If you answered “Yes” to at least two of those three questions, then you, my friend, are moving out of the old survival patterns, and into a richer, fuller, and more abundant new reality.

This can feel uncomfortable at times (especially for our minds). You may be feeling as if you’re not your usual self. However, know that this is absolutely OK, and that you are exactly where you’re supposed to be in this whole process.

As the authentic you continues to emerge and integrate, things will settle, and an extraordinary new reality will begin to reveal itself to you.

A Formula for Freedom

With the amount of changes going on right now, it can be very helpful to create a special map for ourselves that can help us navigate through it all.

I’ve found that the following three things can greatly support us in anchoring greater freedom.

The first thing we can do to anchor greater freedom is to be crystal clear on what we truly desire to experience most in life. Then, once we have clarity, we actually add to it by following through by asking for what we truly want and desire.

I know that as empaths, many of us tend to shy away from asking for what we really want, because we just don’t like ‘rocking the boat’ or placing any burdens on anyone. What this does, is leave many empaths settling for the bare necessities, so that they have just enough to get by. Nothing more.

This usually happens because we think people might judge us if we ask for what we truly want, or that having what we want makes us less spiritual in some way.

Although I truly believe it is in the simplest of things that the greatest fulfillment and blessings reside, it’s OK to experience ALL that life has to offer us. That includes the rainbow of feelings, the healing and beautiful qualities of nature, and the amazing materialization of the Universe through the human imagination.

In reality, asking for what we desire gives the Universe the opportunity to rise up and actually give it to us! The guessing and mixed signals that delay manifestation instantly go out the door.

Another way to awaken to greater freedom in our lives is to get clear on what freedom actually means to us. For me, freedom transcends linear (also known as structured) time, and instantly places us in eternal time.

When I originally befriended the energy of freedom, I began reflecting on the times in my life when I’d felt the most free.

Every time I felt free, it included me being in my heart, less in my mind, and fully in the present moment. It could have been while I was listening to a song that gave me goosebumps, or while sitting under a tree looking out over the ocean. But the common theme was always that I was in that moment fully, living in the present.

I have a feeling that if you reflect on the times you felt the freest, you will find you have probably had similar types of experiences. If that’s the case, then freedom resides in the present moment.

When I realized this, my only job each day was to remember to be fully present with every experience I was having, as often as I could remember to do so. When I made this my daily intention, freedom and abundance became the main energies that guided my life. This practice of living in the present moment showed me that our inner infinity can become completely materialized in our exterior reality as well.

One other way we can anchor freedom is to take more risks.

Because of how sensitive empaths are, having the gift of being able to feel everything around them, taking risks sometimes isn’t the first choice we might gravitate towards (although for some, that may be due to that being part of their personality makeup.)

Although it can sometimes seem a bit uncomfortable to take risks, risk-taking actually has the gift of being able to help us expand beyond any old limitations we may have created for ourselves.

A productive way of taking a risk can be simply to invest in ourselves, our well-being, our gifts, talents, and contributions to the world. This can take expression through actions that further our health and well-being, spiritual development, and creative ventures.

These three processes together can help us expand into and anchor greater freedom in our lives. They can also help us be more prepared for times of great change.

We are living in the times our ancient ancestors talked about for thousands of years! It’s happening all around us here and now.

As always, know that you are not alone. I am so grateful that we get to share this journey together, and I look forward to connecting with you again soon.

Till next time,



©2009-2015 Emmanuel Dagher All Rights Reserved You are absolutely welcome to share and distribute these forecasts with others as you feel guided. Please make sure to keep the integrity of this article by including the author & source website link.


The END of Contracts

April 2015

My beautiful friend,

It’s such a blessing for me to connect with you in this way. As always, on behalf of all humanity, thank you for choosing to be dedicated to your inner expansion and your journey to Divine remembrance.

It’s because of your willingness to align with your Truest Self that the consciousness of the world is rising so quickly.

If March felt like a ridiculously challenging time for you, you were not alone. Many people felt like they were being pushed to their breaking point, to the point where even all the spiritual tools they had learned seemed to have lost their magic.

Breaking Down for the Breakthrough

To our Spirit, nothing is ever broken. Nothing needs to be healed, because at the core of each of us, there resides only pristine wholeness and perfection.

When we speak of a breakdown, it actually refers to the dismantling effect that occurs in the experience of the mind, when it feels like it has reached a tipping point where even it knows change has to happen.

This tipping point can feel very uncomfortable at times, which is an indicator that some type of internal shift is happening.

The mind is not the biggest fan of change, because it has been conditioned to register change as something that will take it away from the identity it has created for itself.

There are those who understand how to embrace change. We may know them as people who constantly reinvent themselves to become an even greater version of who they were the day before.

How are these people able to embrace change so easily? We all know someone like this in our lives. Take a moment to reflect on this person. You may notice that they may be someone whom you’d consider to be more of a “free spirit.”

The reason these people are able to embrace change more easily, is because they “think” more with their hearts than with their mind.

The Spirit is fueled and excited by change. It thrives on change. Those butterfly feelings that we feel inside when something “big” is about to happen in our lives, is our Spirit dancing with excitement, letting us know that a great shift is about to happen.

However, the mind, you may have noticed, registers the butterfly feelings in the stomach as nerves or fear, because it simply is not understanding what’s happening.

So when that happens, just let your mind know that those feelings are a confirmation that your Spirit is getting ready to create a wonderful experience for you, and for that reason … it no longer has to be afraid anymore.

The energies that came in with March have been nudging us to go way beyond our comfort zone. If we weren’t aware that this was happening, we may have found ourselves feeling lost, confused, and at a point of experiencing some sort of emotional, mental, or physical breakdown.

Remember, a breakdown is just another term for “the dismantling of limiting patterns that no longer serve our highest and greatest good.” It’s the experience of no longer being able to find comfort in those limiting patterns.

A breakdown can actually be one of the most spiritual experiences we can have, because it gives us time to reassess our lives and create a new reality for ourselves.

It’s what we allow ourselves to learn from the breakdown that shapes what the next chapter of our lives will look like.

What’s causing these breakdowns?

The Contracts Expire

A big reason why everything seemed so challenging in March, was because many of the old karmic, energetic, verbal, sensual, and even written contracts, oaths, and vows we have consciously and subconsciously made have expired.

Here are some things that might be showing up as result of the expiration of contracts:

We’re being called to release a marriage or romantic partner.
We’re being called to move.
We’re being called to let go of our current job, project, or other business ventures.
We’re ready to align with new friends and release others.
We’re not fully clear on our purpose.
We’re experiencing a loss of appetite.
We’re experiencing unexpected feelings of loss, sadness, and grief.
We’re feeling more emotional than usual.
We may have experienced the transition of a loved one.
We’re finding ourselves trying to please others in order to “keep” them in our lives (a tendency we’d thought we had overcome, due to all the spiritual work we’ve done around that issue)

If you are someone who has experienced any of these things, you are most likely experiencing what’s known as a Divine Completion.

The Divine Completion

A Divine Completion is a sacred time in our lives that signifies profound closure. It is the end of an old chapter, and the beginning of a new one.

Divine Completion is not about getting rid of anything or anyone from our lives with force. It’s not about fixing anything.

It’s actually about understanding that we have come to a point in our lives where certain contracts, vows, and obligations we’ve had with certain people, places, experiences, and ourselves, have been fulfilled.

A Divine Completion mean that we have chosen to not run away or avoid something that felt uncomfortable or scary to us, but rather that we have faced whatever challenges needed to be faced full-on. We have learned our lessons, and are no longer in need of recreating that experience in our lives.

Divine Completion can even occur among Soul family members, and Soul mates. These seem to be the hardest for most, especially because we can remember feeling so connected to these beautiful Spirits at one point.

When a completion happens on a Soul level, a compassionate love still remains. If anything less than compassion still remains, completion has not yet fully been achieved.

If you are someone who is experiencing a Divine Completion at this time, know that I am fully holding the space for your integration process to be smooth, gentle, and rewarding.

The amazing thing is that times like this really help us put everything into perspective, and allow us to appreciate the daily blessings in our lives.

Also, once a completion happens and the integration has been made, a fresh new day greets us with its sweet embrace, opening us up to miraculous new possibilities.

The month of April will bring a much lighter and more joyful energy, where these new possibilities can flourish.

As always, I’m profoundly grateful for you, and I look forward to connecting with you here again soon.

Till next time,

©2009-2015 Emmanuel Dagher All Rights Reserved You are absolutely welcome to share and distribute these forecasts with others as you feel guided. Please make sure to keep the integrity of this article by including the author & source website link.


Behind the Scenes

My Dear Friend,

We have so much to catch up on! How have you been feeling lately?

There was a palpable shift that occurred after the 19th of February that brought many of us an overall sense of peace, even though there were a few days in between that still had some residual effects of Mercury in retrograde.

For those mindful that their reality is a direct result of their projected ideas/thoughts about it, those few days provided clear feedback as to what things we can continue to polish up, as we enter a gentler year ahead.

The Equinox and the Total Solar Eclipse

Beginning in early March, the energies start to build toward the equinox (spring for the Northern Hemisphere, autumn for the Southern Hemisphere).

This occurs on Friday, March 20 at 6:45 PM EDT (10:45 PM GMT). To add to this already exciting time of transformation, we will also be experiencing a total solar eclipse on the same day as the equinox!

So what does this mean for us?

The equinox serves as a doorway between the spiritual and physical world, enabling a powerful renewal to occur. This renewal elevates our consciousness to be able to seed greater love and wisdom into the very real, present moment.

It’s Divine Alchemy in its full glory!

The equinox is also a time when the creative gifts we’ve been nurturing throughout the summer and winter months can fully be realized and expressed, to inspire the kind of world we’d like to experience more of.

An equinox is an ideal time to:

v Simplify our living space/environment, so that we are able to release many of the things we haven’t been using. The general principle I follow is, if I haven’t used it in the past year, it can now find a loving new home with someone who will truly benefit from receiving it.

v Try something new that feels to be out of our comfort zone.

v Switch up our routine every few days over the next few months, to keep ourselves open, fresh, and available to the opportunities presenting themselves to us.

v Begin a new class or spiritual practice, to reconnect ourselves to our true nature of love.

v Forgive any and all people, places, and experiences in our lives that still trigger us emotionally in any way.

v Create a balance between our Divine Feminine aspect (our creative, nurturing, playful side) and Divine Masculine aspect (our passionate, action-oriented, motivated side).

v Begin a new project or creative venture that feels more aligned with our heart’s desires.

If any of these suggestions feel expansive and joyous to you, know that it’s a confirmation that it may be time for you to integrate them into your life, so that you can make room for the fresh new blessings that are aligned with your heart’s desires.

In addition to the equinox, we will also be gifted with a total solar eclipse on March 20. This will magnify the equinox energies, which can feel quite intense for those who are quite sensitive or emotional.

To not be affected in a challenging way during this time, all that is required is that we be more mindful of our thoughts, words, and actions.

This will allow us to be open and available to the powerful energies of the eclipse and equinox, and work with them in a much more productive way. It will also help us to dissolve any lingering residue of resentment or discord we may still be experiencing.

During a total solar eclipse, meditating on the Sun strengthens our internal Sun (located in the solar plexus/stomach region), which represents our Divine power. This helps us to express ourselves more openly and freely, without holding back. It also helps us build confidence in ourselves, including our gifts, talents, and overall presence in this world.

So it’s safe to say that this month will be a time of great internal and external transformation that can be significantly pacified through mindfulness and spiritual practice.

Behind the Scenes

As we are all internally and externally shifting, there’s even more magic going on behind the scenes.

Have you had profound dreams lately? Are you remembering more and more of them?

Are you feeling waves of energy move through you that sometimes feel like electric currents running through your body?

Are you noticing more and more sparks (mini shooting stars) in your peripheral vision? Are you finding your appetite is fluctuating a bit more these days?

What about feeling a bit more sensitive to the people and experiences around you?

Our Spirit is now fully focused on lifting the veils within our minds right now, so that we will be able to understand, digest, and integrate our True Self into the reality of every present moment.

This is BIG! This is what IS anchoring a “heaven on Earth” type of collective reality.

For millennia, the conscious mind has conditioned itself to operate and function mostly in linear time. Now, with the help of our Spirit, the Universe, and all the Beings of Love whom we each resonate with, the mind is being taught how to thrive outside of linear time, so we can be at our most powerful.

What we are seeing in the world is the transition out of the “fear” that the mind created and got comfortable with, as a result of thinking it would lose its identity if it entered nonlinear time—that it would no longer exist.

However, our Spirit is showing our mind right at this very minute, that this belief could not be further from the truth of what’s really happening.

The mind is being shown how much more of its unique self it will get to experience when it is no longer confined by linear time, where it uses fear, lack, doubt, worry, confusion, guilt, shame, or judgment to cope with life’s challenges.

Our Spirit and the Universe are now opening the doors to ultimate freedom, where we are fully able to recognize our eternal, whole, and True Self once more.

To speed this process along, all that’s asked of us is to be willing to love and have compassion for our mind. The mind’s only mission was to keep us safe the only way it knew how, and for that we are grateful.

It’s also important to make sure we are well hydrated, getting plenty of rest/sleep, continuing with the spiritual practices that help us live in the present moment, and putting nourishing, real foods into our body.

This will support our Spirit with the blessings it is creating for us now.

As always, I am so grateful to share this journey with you, and am holding the space that this month is a phenomenal one for you!

Till next time,

Miraculously yours,

©2009-2015 Emmanuel Dagher All Rights Reserved You are absolutely welcome to share and distribute these forecasts with others as you feel guided. Please make sure to keep the integrity of this article by including the author & source website link.



February 2015

My Beautiful Friend,

It’s such an honor for me to connect with you in this way. On behalf of all humanity, thank you for choosing to be dedicated to your inner expansion and your journey to Divine remembrance.

It’s because of your willingness to align with your Highest Self that the consciousness of the world is rising so quickly.

There are amazing changes happening, so if the first couple of weeks of 2015 felt a bit rough to you, know that you were not alone.

Many people around the world experienced a great deal of internal and external cleansing during those first few weeks of 2015. Even those who may not necessarily be aware of or sensitive to energy, definitely noticed that something ‘different’ was happening.

The cleansing period that took place was intended to resolve many of the lingering patterns keeping us from being able to connect with the most authentic and true part of ourselves.

There's just no room anymore for anything to thrive in our space that isn’t in alignment with love.

Scientifically speaking, the cleanse was activated when the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) near our planet tipped south, opening a crack in Earth's magnetosphere. Solar wind poured into Earth to fuel a very strong magnetic storm, something that also occurred in September of 2014. This created a challenging time for many.

Because everything is energy, and we too are energetic beings, magnetic storms affect us down to the core molecular level. As mentioned earlier, this brought up every pattern keeping us from operating from our truest and most Authentic Self, so that whatever imbalances were still in our space could be addressed.

And as energetic beings, our emotions have a tendency to be all over the place when big shifts occur, with triggers happening left and right.

The heartening thing that many on the path know to be true, is that once the energies of a magnetic storm pass, our sense of well-being and spiritual awareness evolve exponentially. So as challenging as a cleansing cycle may feel, they are always worth it.

Spontaneous Healing

The environment we have anchored ourselves in now, especially in the material (third-dimensional) world, is completely uncharted. Things that once seemed impossible to the rational mind are now becoming a normal part of life.

The fabric of our reality has become so malleable, that things are showing up almost as fast as we can think them up.

On the global scale for example, files from the Air Force’s Project Blue Book — official records of more than 12,000 UFO sightings between 1947 and 1969 alone — are now available for all to see. You can find these articles HERE.

This may not seem like a big deal to many who have been on this journey toward expanded consciousness for quite some time. However, it speaks volumes in regards to the awakening of humanity.

It is a clear confirmation that the world has overcome the fear conditioning that’s been attached to this subject for a very long time now. Humanity is ready!

We are also seeing many countries around the world break away from old ideologies promoting intercultural separation and disconnection. There’s a collective priority now that is laying the foundations for a much brighter future ahead for all, rather than only a select few.

There may be a healthy skepticism in our minds as to whether all this is really happening, because of all the separation our minds have been conditioned to see in the world. This is completely understandable, considering that it used to take decades or centuries before any real change was visible.

However, things are moving so quickly now, and there are enough daily synchronicities and confirmations happening, that it’s almost impossible to not be aware of the changes happening all around us.

In our personal lives, many of us are also witnessing and experiencing spontaneous changes, especially when it comes to our healing. The environment we have elevated ourselves into is allowing these rapid changes in healing to occur in areas of our physical, emotional, mental and financial bodies. These shifts are not requiring as much ‘effort’ as they once used to either, and for many, are occurring naturally.

If you are serving as a holistic/wellness practitioner or spiritual teacher, or are in the creative arts, you may have noticed that your gifts have evolved manyfold over the past few months.

You are most definitely witnessing instantaneous physical, emotional, mental and financial healing within yourself and your clients. Isn’t it breathtaking and humbling to experience?

If you are someone who is still not able to receive or notice the healings taking place within and around you, now is the time to lay down the armor you’ve been wearing as a result of your past experiences. That armor creates a barrier between you and the healing you desire to experience, which is what holds it at bay.

Allow the Universe to Take Care of It

One of my go-to mantras that I use often is “Dear Universe, I choose to let go, and let love.” This reminds me that whatever burdens (armor) I’m still carrying, I can lovingly hand them over to the Universe so that I can make room for more of the magic that life has to offer me.

As simple as this mantra may sound, to the mind it can be a struggle. The reason being, that when the mind lets go of something, it thinks it’s losing something or missing out. The truth is however, that by letting go of what no longer serves our highest good, we’re not losing anything, but instead gaining everything. We are expanding into our greatest potential, and no longer keeping ourselves small. We are opening up to life.

If we are ready to heal, we are being given the opportunity to do so at this time in a very real and lasting way. If we are not fully willing and ready to heal, that’s OK too … there will be more opportunities to do so in the future.

Everyone is exactly where they are meant to be on their journey.

Leaping Out of Our Comfort Zone

For those of us who are ready to expand and heal now, the first thing we can do is to take a leap in moving out of our comfort zone. This can express itself in several ways.

If you are being called to learn and enhance your natural healing/creative gifts, trust your inner guidance. You might choose to enrich your gifts by taking a class, course or workshop that resonates with you.

Receiving support from a compassionate wellness, spiritual or life-coach practitioner would be another way to contribute to your healing. As a practitioner, I find that it can be easy for me to forget to ask for support.

In fact, asking for support used to be quite challenging for me. But once I decided to move out of my comfort zone and ask for help, many doors that were once closed opened up for me, and I even became a better practitioner as a result.

Finding an opportunity to give back and be of service to humanity is also something that will greatly support our own expansion and healing. This allows the mind to move out of the pattern of being self-involved, and redirects its awareness to the betterment of all humanity.

The Year of the Ram: More Balance and Stability

On February 19th, the Chinese New Year (Year of the Ram) begins!

Energetically, this will commence a much more favorable time than the past several years. Much of the chaos that has been occurring in the past few years will finally begin to wind down. Both personally and globally, this will help everything to feel more stabilized.

For those who continue to remain steadfast in choosing love, their quality of life will continue to be enriched in miraculous ways.

The Year of the Ram will be elevating humanity to higher states of consciousness in a much more balanced way, which will rebuild our faith in one another, and in the world we are choosing to create.

What exciting times we are living in!

Till next time,

Miraculously yours,


©2009-2015 Emmanuel Dagher All Rights Reserved You are absolutely welcome to share and distribute these forecasts with others as you feel guided. Please make sure to keep the integrity of this article by including the author & source website link.



January 2015

My Beautiful Friend,

What a joy it is for me to enter the sparkling energies of a brand new year with you!

Before we dive into the energies the year 2015 has in store for us, I’d like to answer a question that people have asked me since I began these forecasts back in 2009.

The question usually goes something like, “How do you tap into the energies of what’s going on, and where does it come from?”

The answer to the first part of this question has always been simple: mindfulness.

Everything becomes crystal clear when we choose to lead a life of mindfulness, paying attention to our internal and external environment.

Mindful Living: Healing Ourselves, Healing the World

The key to living a mindful life is to use our daily life to be of service to the greater whole, rather than leading a life that is so self-involved that we are unable to move beyond the limiting stories we’ve created for ourselves.

Personal development, where one commits to pursuing the inner healing necessary to live a happy, more fulfilling life, is not to be mistaken with being self-involved.

In fact, when we dedicate our lives to empowering and healing ourselves, we are empowering and healing the world. It’s when we become so involved and reactive with the stories we are creating for ourselves, that we lose sight of what’s really happening around us.

Each and every day, with my little notebook in hand, I write down the common themes I see, feel and witness in my environment, in my friends/clients lives, and with what’s going on globally.

Soon after, I start to notice specific themes that keep coming up over and over around the same time. This usually provides me with a confirmation that something is up, and that it’s time to check in with what’s going on through the language of energy.

To answer the second part of the question (“Where does it come from?”), before every forecast, I meditate (to move out of the mind and into the heart) and relax into the frequency of pure, unconditional, neutral love.

Of course, there are other factors that allow this process to be even easier, including eating a nutrient-rich, healthy, clean diet daily.

Once the mind is clear and the heart is open, the forecast begins to write itself.

The Energies of 2015

As I connect with the energy of 2015, I instantly sense a big sigh of relief for humanity. It’s like we can all breathe again.

Humanity has been on a long and winding road to get to this point in time. The road has been bumpy and challenging, which is probably an understatement for many. But something deep within us never allowed us to give up.

The potential for 2015 is infinite, and the two words that keep coming up over and over again are Abundance and Love.

The Year of Abundance

When we allow ourselves to truly see it, the energy of abundance is all around us. It’s in our cells, in Nature, and beyond.

So how can we tap into this abundance in a more intentional way? So that we can see it bloom and materialize in areas of our lives that we may not have been allowing it to, including our finances?

To create greater abundance in all areas of our lives, it’s important to understand what abundance really means for the majority of us. At the core, abundance is simply a means to freedom.

So to create greater abundance, we must give ourselves full permission to be free.

Now, this can be a bit of a process for the mind, because it has conditioned itself to find safety and comfort in smaller, structured ways of being.

So although our Spirit has and will always be free, the mind may not be comfortable embracing the vastness that comes with this freedom. The key is to gently teach and retrain the mind to find comfort in the freedom that resides within our core, so it can begin to open up and flow with life, instead of resisting it.

When we find ways to affirm that the mind is not losing anything by embracing our free self, but in fact gaining everything . . . then we can create the kind of abundant reality our Spirit desires for us to experience.

As we enter the New Year, let’s reflect on whether or not we are allowing ourselves to be free in all ways.

Are we allowing ourselves to shine brightly? Are we speaking our truth fully? Are we embracing and sharing all of our gifts, talents and presence with the world the way we truly desire?

Are we taking time to love, pamper and nurture ourselves and others often? Are we expressing heart-felt gratitude for our blessings?

If we answered yes to these questions, then we are most likely experiencing a great freedom and abundance in our lives. If for any reason we are feeling stuck or are still experiencing lack in some way, that is simply feedback, letting us know that one or several areas of our lives may need a bit of fine-tuning.

Intention for 2015 and Beyond

If we aren’t feeling as free and abundant as we’d like, we can turn it around right this minute, through the power of intention.

We can proclaim:

“From this moment on, I give myself full permission to embrace, recognize and receive the infinite freedom and abundance that reside within and all around me. This all occurs quickly, with ease, grace and joy. And so it is!”

Sacred Unions

Earlier, I mentioned that the other word that kept coming up for the year 2015 was Love.

The kind of love I’m seeing unfold first and foremost is a reverent and intimate kind of love for ourselves. Once this self-love is anchored and practiced, it will then begin to call in a sacred and intimate union with a soul partner whose vibration is aligned with ours.

It’s important to note that when our love for ourselves is full, the love we experience towards others no longer has complications, drama and pain around it.

It is pure, easy, joyous, flexible and fun. If it doesn’t feel to be in alignment with these energies, it’s not true love.

If for any reason you are experiencing a love with a partner that has been quite challenging, know that you are either being prepared to experience a much greater love with this person (once the lessons are learned) or preparing to align with a new soul partner who will give you the opportunity to experience a much greater love.

Either way, be gentle with yourself and your partner, and know that all is in Divine order.

When the time is right, your soul partner or twin flame will appear on your path in the perfect time and way, and you will be ready to receive him or her into your life with gratitude and joy.

It’s time to breathe, open our arms up wide with palms facing up to the sky, and say “YES!” out loud to the abundance and love this New Year is drenched with.

We are all in this together,

Miraculously yours,

©2009-2015 Emmanuel Dagher All Rights Reserved You are absolutely welcome to share and distribute these forecasts with others as you feel guided. Please make sure to keep the integrity of this article by including the author & source website link.

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